School Visits

Let’s get together!

I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with many hundreds of children as an art teacher over the last 20 years, along with all the kids I’ve met showing my artwork and books at school events and classroom talks. I’ve packed the mental toolboxes of these students with ways to work easier, cultivate the artist's attitudes, and turn their looking into seeing as they learn to understand the structure of the world.

They discover the power to draw is really the power to understand. Observation is the essential first step to creation, elaboration, and invention!

Ready to think and work like an artist? It’s easy with the power of PROCESS, the creative step-by-step recipe for making your projects happen. Kids discover how to “pan for gold” in their “stream of consciousness,” learning how artists become mindful, record their thoughts, and then develop their ideas into stories and images that can set the world on fire!

Ready to see how writing and drawing go hand in hand when you create? Words and pictures transform thoughts into a tangible force that can change the world.

Ready to explore the narrative process and how stories describe the world we live in? Everything is a story, and becoming an author can help you create the life you want to live.

I speak to any age group, tailoring my presentation by grade level. Presentations typically last 45 minutes and will include:

  • Panning for Gold in your stream of consciousness. Discovering the incredible power of your notebook/journal
  • The Power of Story and how we use story to understand the world
  • A discussion of my process and how I turn a written script into a finished book.
  • What I do when I draw: research and photography, layouts and dummies, thumb- nailing, sketching, finished pencils, inks, and color.
  • What I do when I write: researching and using visual aids like photography and art, rough draft, editing, and keeping the "re" in rewriting!
  • Answering questions about how I think and work as an artist, my materials, studio workspace, and my inspirations over the years.
  • How to develop your creative muscle and supercharge your imagination

    I show a variety of artwork and some of my research materials and props.

    Plenty of visuals, charts, and diagrams to illustrate what I’m discussing.

  • My books will be made available for purchase during my visit; I’m happy to autograph copies for your readers. You can also download the order form provided and fill in the necessary information, along with the names of readers who would like their books personalized.

Interested in having me come in to inspire your students?

I am writing this morning to express my gratitude to Mr. Vincent for coming to our little school to speak to our 3-5th graders on April 6th.
Mr. Vincent's presentation was wonderful- it was interesting to all ages, witty, and passionate. He had the students from the first word and his gold pan was perfect for the children to grasp his meaning and see his point.
It was particularly nice to hear someone, especially in a school setting, tell our ADHD/ADD, and neurodiverse population that their conditions were not disabilities but gifts! The light in the eyes of those kids was priceless. This is a population that is continually beaten down and suppressed and no one addresses how to help these kids harness their power and how to channel the forces that give them their personality and strengths.
The presentation was very low pressure for our teachers and staff, and had no set up or tear down requirements as Mr. Vincent did all of that himself. The only thing I had to do was upload a presentation into Google. It was easy and low cost- free!
Mr. Vincent's enthusiasm and graciousness was refreshing and welcome and we wish him luck with more and more visits to schools to share his passion with kids and adults alike.
Thank you for sharing him and his stories.
Jim Jacklin
Music/Art, Etowah Elementary
Claxton Elementary had a wonderful visit from Eric Vincent this spring. Mr. Vincent came to talk to our 3rd-5th grade students about the power of process and harnessing their creativity. He came prepared with great visuals, copies of his books, and energy for all three groups!
We loved that Mr. Vincent's presentation included audience participation and he was especially inclusive in celebrating neurodivergent students in our school community. Mr. Vincent's visit is an excellent way to kick off any creative student-driven projects you have planned and it gives students concrete steps in the creative process to get them started. We are so appreciative of Mr. Vincent's visit and look forward to partnering with him in the future.
Baily Griffith
Library Media Coordinator/Media Specialist, Claxton Elementary School
Illustrator Eric Vincent was an inspirational speaker for our 3rd - 5th graders! His talk was particularly meaningful for our 5th graders, as they get ready for their end of year testing and the prospect of middle school. His story resonated with all students, and the message of ADD not being a disability came at the perfect time. The 5th graders were lining up to get Mr. Vincent's autograph after the presentation. I would highly recommend Eric Vincent as a guest speaker and I know my students will love the addition of his books to our library.
Thank you!
Candice Greedy, MLIS, NBCT
School Librarian & Digital Literacy Teacher , Hendersonville Elementary
My 3rd-grade classroom had a wonderful and memorable experience with Mr. Vincent's visit. He was engaging, fun, and inspiring to all. Following his visit, I was thrilled to see my entire class drawing during their free time. Many of them have created their own sketchbooks to keep on hand. We hope to see Mr. Vincent return next year.
Ms. Christine Garman
James B. Edwards 3rd Grade
Third graders at James B. Edwards Elementary School enjoyed an engaging experience with a visit from author/illustrator Eric Vincent. Mr. Vincent guided students through the creative process of developing ideas to create stories and characters. He opened students' eyes to the many possibilities for becoming writers and illustrators. The students were so excited about all they learned!
Susan Whitfield
James B. Edwards 3rd Grade
Students, faculty, and staff all enjoyed a fabulously interactive and lively presentation by Eric Vincent! The upper school students were captivated, while the lower school students were mesmerized. Eric, very much so, related to our students who kept them captivated. We hope to have him visit again!
Amanda Brodbeck
Director of Advancement, Trident Academy
Mr. Vincent came to our school to talk to our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders about creativity and finding their ‘golden nugget.’ The kids were enthralled with Mr. Vincent’s attitude and the information he was presenting. Many of our students who struggle with ADD/ADHD found their connection quickly with Mr. Vincent and he was able to share that they have a gift to be used. We absolutely loved having him share at our school and the kids loved the personalized signed copies of Clovis the Crawfish that they were able to purchase!
Amanda Johnson, MLS
Media Coordinator, Etowah Elementary