Clovis Crawfish and the Singing Cigales

Clovis Crawfish and the Singing Cigales

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  • By Mary Alice Fontenot
  • Illustrated by Eric Vincent
  • PublishingPelican
  • pages 32
  • Size 8.5 X 11 inches
  • ISBN 9780882892702

Clovis Crawfish and friends have to save the day again when twins Chicot and Coteau, singing cigales (French for cicadas), find themselves in deep trouble. The problems begin when M’sieu Blue Jay casts a hungry eye at the twin brothers, who have just shed their shells for the summer. The Cigales are only trying to sing, but M’sieu Blue Jay isn’t listening: he is only interested in one thing—dinner.

Soon Coteau finds himself stranded in M’sieu Blue Jay’s nest, and it is up to the wetland friends to work together and rescue him. Only when all the creatures are safe can they put on their summer concert in the bayou.

The authentic French-Acadian language adds depth to the story, while children learn about the culture and ecology of the bayou region.

The illustrations, in masterful color and black and white, are intriguing, and children will long linger and drink it in. Irving Ward Steinman, Louisiana Bookshelf

My sister brought this back from her time teaching in New Orleans. Clovis Crawfish speaks in both English and Cajun French and the various characters - Maurice Mosquito Hawk, Fernand Frog, Christophe Cricket, Lizette Lizard, and Rene Rain Frog - get into an adventure on the Bayou. I loved this book and would love to see the other titles in the series! Jessica, Goodreads

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