Pete the Posture Parrot <i>Dinosaur Dreams</i>

Pete the Posture Parrot Dinosaur Dreams

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  • Written for Marvin Arnsdorff Eric Vincent
  • Illustrated by Eric Vincent
  • PublishingBody Mechanics
  • Size 8.5 X 11 inches
  • Pages 32
  • ISBN 0967993016

Ryan has a new friend!

Pete the Posture Parrot has come to teach Ryan about wise decisions everyone can make to grow up straight, strong, and healthy. Pete is a constant reminder for Ryan to sit, stand, sleep, and carry his backpack properly. Ryan is one smart kid, so he puts Pete’s great advice to use every day.

But when slob-sloppy dinosaurs too lazy to care about their spinal health invade Ryan’s house, Pete is on the scene. With Ryan as his helper, Pete teaches each of the prehistoric sillies that good health habits are an investment in active, pain-free living and solid self-esteem. In their travels, they meet a tightly tangled Snoozodon, a furniture-flattening Slobosaurus, and others in a hilarious midnight escapade.

The enjoyable, lilting text and delightful illustrations of Dinosaur Dreams beg to be read and absorbed by adults and children alike. This innovative book possesses a subtle yet consistent message that urges children to follow Pete the Posture Parrot's lead to optimal health. Dinosaur Dreams presents a novel approach in its attack on the critical and growing problems created by overloaded school backpacks carried by the majority of our students. As a teacher and mother of four, I appreciate this timely book for its literary, as well as practical, value. Sara Powell, Ph.D., Reviewed on Amazon

Join Pete and Ryan as they coach these reluctant reptiles in a fun-filled adventure sure to delight youngsters and adults everywhere.Attacking Those Backpacks

My 17-month-old son loves this book. I am impressed with the message of good posture equaling good health. The illustrations (dinosaurs and a parrot are a big draw) are first-class. Donald Acton, Reviewed on Amazon

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